Sigma Tau Class of 2006 Annual Gift #4503HEISMAN


2018 Winner

Drew McCoy

Hometown: Edmonds, WA

Studied: Computer Science

GPA: 3.87

Lived in: All 4 including every summer and winter break

Total Points: 44 Points (36 First Place, 8 Second Place, 0 Third Place)


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2017 Winner

Jack Bell

Hometown: Klamath Falls, OR

Studied: Finance

GPA: 3.2

Lived in: All 4 BABY!!!!!

Average Score by Class ‘06: 4.95 out of 6


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2016 Inaugural Winner

Niall Curley

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Studied: Psychology (Major) and Philosophy (Minor)

GPA: 3.62

Lived in: All four


Not for College Days Alone